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About Our Cases

The majority of our cases are made of a material called TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). TPU is the material of choice for phone cases because of its durability and shock absorbency. This transparent material is highly resistant to getting scuffed and cut, and it won’t grow cloudy and brittle in cold weather. It even resists oil and grease, so you won’t easily get stains or fingerprints on it. We only use top quality German TPU.

Our Case VS. Other Cases

Cases made of TPU are very shock absorbent and offer much better protection for your phone, especially if you have the tendency to drop it. They also offer a better grip without becoming sticky, so you dare less likely to drop your phone in the first place.  

We can print on virtually every case we sell, but our most popular models are our slim line case and heavy duty cases.  

While the heavy duty cases are a little thicker and feature corner bumpers for added drop protection, the slimline cases still affords you excellent protection from scuffs, scrapes and drops from less than 10 feet. If you constantly drop your phone, or want that extra bit of protection select the heavy duty case. 

To customize our cases, we use a printing process known as UV Printing. 

Our industrial printers utilize special inks that are cured by UV light during the printing process. The process makes the inks extremely durable, offering exceptional wear resistance and color brilliance. These inks are so durable that we offer a lifetime warranty!

In the event of normal wear or fading we will replace your case at no charge.

To find out more, check out the warranty details in our terms section.

All of our printing is done at our facility in Atlanta, GA and generally ships within two days. 

Standard shipping is free to US and Canada. Canadian customers will have to pay any applicable duties or taxes separately. Express shipping is available at an extra charge.