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How Does It Work?

Create your own custom phone case in just a few simple steps! Creating your custom phone case is easy!

STEP 1: Pick out your phone case

You can do this two ways: 

  1. Select your phone model from the filter menu on the left, then select your phone case
  2. Select a phone case, then click the customize button to find your phone model

STEP 2: Upload your artwork

You can upload a photo or any [FILE FORMATS] graphic file from your phone or computer, or you could download them from any social media site or from cloud storage system you want. Insert your chosen image on the template we provide to fit your chosen case.

To get a totally custom fit, you can crop, stretch and manipulate your pictures any which way. You can even add text! 

STEP 3: Add to cart

When you are fully satisfied with your design, just click the add to cart button, and you’re done! 


Once you sign up for a free account, all your custom designs are kept safe in our database for 5 years, so that you can use them again whenever you want to. What’s more, only you have access to your personal library, so no one else can see or use your pictures.