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Galaxy Note 10 - Custom Liquid Silicone Hard Case

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  • We hate to break it to you but your Galaxy Note 10 is definitely not immune to scratches, nicks, and dents. That's why Phone Apparel is here to help! Our custom Galaxy Note 10 case is made of high-grade and durable silicone rubber that fits snug onto your phone, giving it not only a slim fitting design but also a much sturdier grip. The best part is that you can even provide your own design and we'll print it with precision, providing a uniquely customized phone case of your own design.

    Order before 10am (EST), ready to ship within 1 business day.
  • Liquid Silicon Rubber phone case material features:

    -high abrasion resistance
    -low-temperature performance
    -high shear strength
    -high elasticity
    -oil and grease resistance
    -microfiber soft lining

    We use a printing process known as UV Printing. Our industrial printers utilize special inks that are cured by UV light during the printing process. These inks are extremely durable, offering exceptional wear resistance and color brilliance. Many outdoor signs like traffic signs and business signs are printed with UV inks. These inks are so durable that we offer a lifetime warranty. In the event of wear or fading we will replace your case at no charge. Read the details in our terms section.

    All of our printing is done at our facility in Atlanta, GA and generally ships within two days. Standard shipping is free to US and Canada. Canadian customers will have to pay any applicable duties or taxes separately. Express shipping is available at an extra charge.

  • STEP 1: Pick out your phone case
    You can do this two ways: Select your phone model then select your phone case Select a phone case, then click the customize button to find your phone model

      STEP 2: Upload your artwork
    You can upload a photo or any graphic file from your phone or computer, or you could download them from any social media site or from cloud storage system you want. Insert your chosen image on the template we provide to fit your chosen case. To get a totally custom fit, you can crop, stretch and manipulate your pictures any which way. You can even add text!

    STEP 3: Add to cart
    When you are fully satisfied with your design, just click the add to cart button, and you’re done!