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Sports Arm Band Waterproof Phone Case

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Light weight and waterproof. This Neoprene and Nylon Arm Band Case is ideal for running and other sports. Ir is not however, submersible. It is available in several colors and sizes. Carry your keys with you as well in the specially designed compartment.

  • Fully Touchscreen Enabled
  • No-Slip Design and Materials
  • Splash and Water Proof
  • Comfortable, a thick padded arm band ensures your comfort

There are three sizes available. Be sure to select the correct size, when in doubt purchase a larger size
Size: L: 4.5-5.2 inch (iPhone 6,7,8 or similar)
       XL: 5.3-6.2 inch (X,Xs, Galaxy S6,S7,S8,S9 or similar)
     XXL: 6.3 inch (XsMax, Xr, 6+,7+,8+, Galaxy S9+, Notes or similar))

Weight 3.1 oz.
Material Ballistic Nylon/Neoprene
Warranty 1 Year
Waterproof Heavy splashing and rain. Not Submersible